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Get Back to Your Roots!

This non-invasive hair restoration process uses proven growth serum and growth stimulating lasers to give you a non-invasive solution to thinning hair. One of the key functions of the skin is to protect the interior of the body from toxins and injury. Because of this, absorption of hair restoration products might be limited. Lasers help prepare the skin for better and more effective absorption, so that you can get the most out of your hair restoration treatment, and all of the benefits that come from our hair growth serum.

Men and women of all ages with thinning hair can benefit!

Our team can help you determine a program best suited for you.

Virtually Painless

Laser Hair Restoration is a non-invasive alternative to PRP hair restoration. Non-invasive means less pain, less recovery and more time to embrace your new look!

How is this procedure different from PRP?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a painful, 45-minute procedure where blood is drawn from the patient, spun in a centrifuge to increase the patient’s platelets, then applied or injected into the scalp with inconsistent results. Only the growth factors available in the patient’s own blood will be released. If a patient is highly deficient in any of the growth factors needed for hair health, the PRP procedure may not be effective. Additionally, one of the common growth factors found in blood may block the transition of hair follicles into the new growth phase, actually inhibiting growth. In contrast, KeraFactor products include a proprietary formula with high concentrations of bio-identical growth factors and skin proteins customized for people with thinning hair.